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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 29, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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crews have been working hard to try to get a road temporarily in so that people can get back into their homes by car. a utility worker just came out and announced the street is open one way. officials needed to make sure this was secure for a vehicle to get through in case of an emergency. 14 houses have been evacuated because of a sinkhole. it happened yesterday morning when a water main pipe burst sending tens of thousands of water into the neighborhood. we spoke to one vac we who said resident.
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>> we don't know how we're going to deal with the water in the house. >>reporter: crews have told us that they have restored water and power. all repairs will take about a week to complete. >> we're probably going to isolate where the break was which is over my right shoulder here. we did get into the pit and lift more debris out. >>reporter: the cause of the break is still under investigation and is unrelated to a recent project in visitation valley. there was extensive water damage to a nearby church, and that school is expected to stay closed until next tuesday. now, here are more details about the water main brake repairs which officials say could take days or weeks. crews are building walls around the affected pipes. then they'll repair the pipes
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surrounding streets and sidewalks. a fundraiser at the church of visitation will be held as planned this sunday. classes at our lady of visitation school could resume on tuesday. a major fire at a san jose nursery was especially hard to fight. it happened just before midnight. in addition to flames and smoke, for a while there were concerns about chemicals. >>reporter: in the middle of the night firefighters worked hard.
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the head of the national hurricane center says this morning that hurricane isaac's assault on the new orleans area is not even half over with sustained winds of 75 miles an hour and gusts up to 90, the area is being slammed with driving winds and heavy rain. in fact, it led to evacuations and rescues. you're looking at gulfport, louisiana where you can barely see the streets there. it looks like a stop sign and it's just covered with water, and a telephone pole there with water and waves coming down the street. now, in just the past two hours the governor said there is more to come. >> we've said all along we'd get the people the information
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and they make the decision whether to evacuate. we've got search and rescue to make sure we're protecting lives. >> elizabeth, still pretty nasty out there, looks like. >>reporter: it's still pretty nasty. we were getting 60 to 80 miles per hour gusts, and you can see we're still getting from 20 to 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts, but the rain hasn't seemed to cease. folks say we still have the second half of the storm. take a look. the storm stays strong as it makes landfall, not once, but twice in the past 24 hours. wind gusts and sheets of rain flooding roads throughout alabama, mississippi, and
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louisiana. forecasters say the worst is far from over. >> if you are in places, for example, eastern louisiana, lake pontchartrain or mississippi, it's just beginning and is going to get worse as the day goes on. if you're already receiving bad conditions, it's going to take the night. >>reporter: a thinly populated part of plaquemines parish is getting some flooding. they say it's just not safe to go out and explore quite yet. >> i understand that possibly we'll have hurricane force winds, maybe six, eight, 10 hours after the eye goes through. >> just feeling anxious and ready to get it overwith. >>reporter: there are about a half million people who are still without power, and we
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could see more outages as time goes on. i will say we're right here on canal street, and we drove to our live location late last night. we could see the power trucks lined up on canal street. a safe place for them to go. they'll do everything they can to restore power to all the folks who don't have it. >> thank you so much. we've just learned that isaac weak end to a tropical storm with wind and rain, 70 miles an hour now sustained gusts. help from the bay area is on its way to the gulf coast. 61 volunteers with the american red cross have been sent to the region and will be stationed in five states to assist those affected by hurricane isaac. volunteers in florida and texas will provide shelter and assistance and volunteers in louisiana, mississippi and alabama are preparing to open
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evacuation centers. there is a silver lining to the storm. isaac could in fact provide much needed relief for farmers and ranchers in drought stricken regions in the midwest and south. nebraska, arkansas, missouri and illinois are in the worst stages of drought and say they could really use a good soaking. the rain could also help clear clogged shipping channels on rivers. firefighters have contained a grass fire burning along a grassy ridge in a well populated area. firefighters say they had to sprint up a steep hill but got there quickly and had it contained in about 30 minutes. these are pictures from news chopper 2. there appears to be some kind ofen campment right next to where the fire began, but no word yet on the cause of the fire or whether authorities found anyone at that camp. again, live pictures from news
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chopper . paul ryan prepares to deliver the biggest speech of his political career. the latest from the republican national convention coming up. it's another warm day around the bay area, but we're in for a change. we'll tell you when a cooldown is coming our way. what happened when a truck caused a frightening crash at a north bacon events store.
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look at this mess, a crash into a 711 store. it smashed large windows and knocked items offer the shelves. neither the driver or anyone in the store was hurt. turning now to the republican national convention in florida. foreign policy will be one of tonight's themes and senator john mclean and former secretary of state condoleezza rice speak to delegates, but it is paul ryan's night as he introduces himself to the country. jennifer davis haas an update from tampa. >>reporter: condoleezza rice and senator mccain have already
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done walk throughs. i'm going to step away. you can't see paul ryan, but he's here prepping for his big night. >> this is the american way. we have never been victims of destiny. we have always been the masters of our own. >>reporter: chris christy riled the crowd up, and tonight it's paul ryan's term as he accepts the nomination as the vice president candidate. >> it is a tremendous honor to be on america's comeback team. >>reporter: attending a women for romney breakfast this morning was ann romney and directed directly at women. >> you are the hope of america.
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there would not be an america without you. >>reporter: the morning after his speech, the governor is speaking to new hampshire delegates. >> someone has got to be responsible. >>reporter: the blunt talking governor running into some criticism for tough love approaches, but others say he's exactly on point. >> he gave the speech the convention wanted him to give. >>reporter: this is the media taking as many pictures as they can as paul ryan stands at the podium getting used to the floor and arena and entirety that he will be speaking in a few more hours. he is scheduled to make an appearance via satellite. >> stay with ktvu for live coverage of the republican 
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national convention in florida. we'll live stream the convention right after in newscast starting at 12:30. and we'll carry mitt romney's speech live tomorrow night. he's slated to speak at 7 p.m., so a result our scheduled broadcast of the raiders game will be moved to our sister station tv36. after leaving colorado this morning president obama is scheduled to begin a campaign speech in virginia during this hour. he has been appealing to college audiences in iowa, colorado, and virginia the past two days. aids say he's been tracking the hurricane situation in the gulf coast during his flight on air force one. a court hearing is set for the case of the man accused of abducting and murdering a 15- year-old.
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. police are investigating what they call a suspicious death that closed a busy freeway exit during today's early commute. a body was discovered about 5:30 this morning on west mcarthur boulevard south of emory street. the highway patrol shut down the ramp to highway 580 for about 90 minutes while police responded to the scene. police say the body was of a white man in his 40s and investigators have not released the man's name and don't know how he died, but are treating it as suspicious. a drive by shooting in east oakland is now a homicide investigation. overnight we learned the victim died shortly after being transported to highland hospital. he was gunned down at 7:00 last night. witnesses say shots were fired from two cars, but police are still trying to confirm that
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information. there is no information on possible suspects. a fire in san francisco's richmond district forced several people out of their home early this morning. the fire broke out about 1 a.m. on eighth avenue near balboa and it appears an electrical short in a wall sparked the fire which was contained to the living room. one resident was taken to the hospital with minor burn injuries. people who lived in the home will not be able to return for a few days, so they're staying with family. usc berkley police say they're investigating whether a big electronic theft on campus may have been an insider job. officers say august 1029i pads were found to be missing in the science room. they had lost their keys and broke into the cabinet to discovered the theft. the thief might have showed the electronics on the internet. earlier this summer ann droid
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another tablet was stolen. tomorrow crews will begin preparing for demolition work. next week they expect to start tearing down existing buildings to make way for the new bart line. the new station is part of the silicon valley extension project which will bring bart service to san jose and santa clara. an advisory about a mountain lion after a citizen report, spotting it in a remote grassy area near the community ball field in lafayette community park. they didn't find the animal, and officials say they have
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received no orders for a lock down at the school, but teachers are on the lookout and anyone with information should call lafayette police. temperatures have been warming nicely across most of the bay area. about 98%. we still have patchy fog near parts of the shoreline, but a live look outside, a little bit of haze. we're watching the weather here in the bay and toward new orleans. now a tropical storm with winds of 70 miles an hour. the key, it's not moving much at all, 6 miles an hour. rainfall a good 7-14 inches and isolated amounts approaching 20 inches. so there's the forecast track for thursday and friday with slow moving isaac. in fact, here's the latest on the radar.
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you'll notice high clouds to the south and down towards the coastline there's the patchy fog i was talking about right around around here. forecast, more sunshine, temperatures on the warm side. tomorrow cooling begins. the weekend, morning fog, but going to warm things up for sunday and monday. as far as current numbers, look at san francisco standing out, beautiful in the city, lots of 80s towards fairfield, concord and livermore and san jose upper 70s and 79. this area of low pressure is basically responsible for the cooldown the past couple of weeks. high pressure has been building in and as a result has been warming up. today one of the warmest days of the week, except we're going to hold onto 60s.
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here's a look at your forecast highs. 90s out towards fairfield, antioch. san francisco 78. san jose tops out around 86. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. the holiday weekend coming up. it will be cooler for thursday and friday. looks like saturday we begin to bump up the numbers. look what happens by sunday. looks just great out there with warmer temperatures, 70s, 80s, maybe a few neighborhoods around 90 degrees. in the past hour great america and the san francisco 49ers teamed up to announce the construction of a new roller coaster.
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they unveiled plans for the attraction day, saying the 108- foot tall ride will be the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in northern california with high-speed twists, turns and drops. the gold #รก gold striker will travel almost 54 miles an hour and includes a vertical drop, expecting to open next year. a look at what's happening on the stock market and then we'll tell you if there's an increase in cheaters after an all door boarding policy.
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the stock market's higher today. the national association of realtors say there's been an increase, the highest since 2011. seems like the worst fears about letting passengers board at all doors are not coming to pass. there's a 19% increase in fairs compared to the same time last year and it's hard to tell if it's a trend, but could indicate there's no big increase in the number of people trying to sneak on the
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buses without paying. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at , following a fire at the refinery we asked osha for numerous documents and received some this week and have gone through them. what we learned about the inspection history at the refinery. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here for you.
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